The new generation disposable protection – made from space age materials with hi-tec, hi-friction inner lining to keep the protector firmly in place… and the seat permanently protected.

  • Complete protection (seat, floor and steering wheel) on every customer’s vehicle
  • A disposable product – so dirt cannot be transferred to a new job
  • Demonstrably cheaper than ‘re-usable’ attempts at protection
  • Manufactured from environmentally friendly materials
Standard Seatcovers
CR05 Smart Grip


Standard seat covers manufactured in high grade LLDPE polythene.

CR08 Plain white polythene seat cover
500 per compact roll, in dispenser box.
790 x 1300mm
Suitable for vehicles with head restraints


CR10/100 Plain white polythene seat cover
100 per compact roll, in dispenser box.
790 x 1300mm
Suitable for vehicles with head restraints




CR25 All in One – One for All Box of 50, includes, Seatcover,  floormat, Gear stick cover, handbrake cover and Steering Wheel glove. All in White. Individually folded in out box. 







CR05 Grip White Seatcover transparent white 1600 x 900mm. Dispenser box, roll of 250

  • New design: larger coverage area – less material
  • suitable for use on all car seats
  • special inner surface ensures it will not slip off the seat
  • slippy outer surface will not cling to operator‘s clothes
  • tear-resistent – suitable for long term repair
  • dust protected in the practical dispenser box


CR17 Bench seat cover for dual seats
transparent polythene
250 per compact roll
18 micron, 1100 x 1300mm

CR11 recycled seatcover


The range of protection films manufactured by Horn & Bauer is produced by patented environmental friendly polythene mixtures.

As part of this commitment to environmental considerations we have in our range the following recycled products. Available in white tint recycled polythene. (Due to the use of recycled materials tint may vary slightly from batch to batch)

CR11 Recycled polythene seat cover,
500 per compact roll in dispenser box
13 micron, 790 x 1300mm

*Recycled Floor mats also available in polythene and paper. Please see floor mat range pages.

nylon seatcovers



Re-usable seat covers

Wipe-clean material
wash or dry clean

Not recommended for use with vehicles with seat side air bags.

When using re-usable protection products there is an inherent risk of vehicle contamination. Covers must be stored in clean place and thoroughly check every time before use.

Optifit Seatcovers


The optimum protection for long term repair.

  • form welded
  • suitable for all car and truck single seats
  • perfect fit due to improved anti-slip inner layer
  • low friction outer surface will not cling to operator’s clothes
  • complete covering of backrest and outside of the seattear resistant, ideal for long term repairing
  • supplied in a convenient dispenser box to ensure they stay clean and dust free
  • available in boxes of 250 & 500 pieces

White and blue polythene. 790 x 1330mm

FS12 ford seatcover


We stock a small range of branded seatcovers and floormats. please contact us for more information and prices. Or why not promote your brand. For a no obligation quotation please use our contact page.

TIP: Comparison of seat cover thickness is not necessarily a true guide to effective strength.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements


MB32 mercedes benz floormats