905 snitty
901mag magnetic cutter
901a blade cutter


Safety cutters available in both disposable and replaceable blade formats.

Snitty Cutter
Robust plastic safety cutter with replaceable blades

Snitty Blades
Replacement blades for Snitty Cutter. Pack of 10.

Disposable Cutter
Plastic safety cutter with built in blade. Available as a handy 4 pack or boxes of 50.

3 bar dispenser


Single Bar Mobile Trolley Unit – EC61
Economy trolley unit. Holds 1 roll of masking polythene to facilitate one person dispensing.

Single Bar Masking Trolley – CR67

Holds one roll of masking polythene, 2 weheels , 1 bar. Yellow.

3 Bar Wall Mounted Dispenser – CR55BOX
Wall mounted dispenser 3 Bar dispenser for seat covers, floormats
and steering wheel protectors.

Single Bar Wall Dispenser – CR60BOX
Wall mounted dispenser. Single bar with mounting brackets. Suitable for seat cover rolls. 800mm / 1000mm length