The range of protection films offered by Horn & Bauer is produced by our patented environmentally friendly polythene mixtures.

Arguments for the ecologically beneficial raw material polythene:
  • Polythene is a high-grade finished mineral oil product.
    It is an organic material, whose composition is similar to plant fibres on the basis of carbon and hydrogen.
  • Producing polythene is environmentally friendly.
    Neither contaminants nor dangerous vapours are released.
    Polythene is a by-product of the mineral oil preparation.
  • The energy needs when producing polythene films are definitely lower in comparison to other packaging materials (e.g.paper).
  • Our products of polythene do not contain softeners or heavy metal.
    They are physiologically safe.
  • Polythenes are usable several times due to their high ultimate strength and wet strength. Therefore they are environmentally friendly.