Paint absorbent Masking Protection

The tailor-made-solution for water-based paints

The advantages of  Wondermask® AQUAFIT

Professional Masking Protection

  • no marks when used on damp cars
  • excellent cutting ability
  • totally protects all parts of the vehicle against paint and overspray
  • the light-blue transparent lm gives increased cutting efficiency due to good vehicle outline visibility
  • static, tightly clings to the vehicle, avoids dust entrapment
  • provides dramatic time savings versus masking paper
  • excellent paint absorption especially when used with water paints and VOC-compliant paints and primers
  • water resistant, tough and tear resistant, lintfree, no second masking after wet sanding
  • no bleed through of water based or solvent based products
  • heat resistant up to 110 °C
  • efficient use of material by exact cutting to the corresponding car size

Convenient Dispensing

  • the film remains dust free in the dispenser box, resulting in less re-work
  • ergonomically correct working height of the trolley dispenser
  •  dust and dirt absorption is minimised
  •  clean storage, stackable

Environment and Disposal

  •  made of environmental friendly recycable polythenemixtures